Engage the Principle of Sowing and Reaping

mindset and goals personal development Feb 06, 2022

We love rewards and celebrations! What gets rewarded, usually gets repeated because we generally respond well to the encouragement and celebration of our rewarded actions. Likewise a powerful tool we can use to completely free ourselves from bad habits or negative behaviours, is learning to reward ourselves for accomplishments that we make towards a desired outcome. It really does help to start with the end in mind....sow what you want to reap! 

Through meaningful rewards, we can keep ourselves motivated to do better each day. Giving ourselves grace and realising His mercies are new every morning, we can keep making progress simply by consistently sowing towards the desired future we wish to reap. 

Reward systems are being used in many situations today. At home, in schools and even in workplaces, a reward system is considered as a helpful tool for people to do better. This serves as a motivation for the children to do their chores at home. Students learn to embrace their lessons better and complete their homework because they know that they will be rewarded for everything that they do.

Employees feel more valued and appreciated when their employees reward them for their achievements. Reward systems can certainly do wonders when it comes to inspiring people to strive to be better and even in the recovery from addictions. Rewarding yourself for strategic accomplishments that you make, can inspire you to move forward and finish what you have started. Learning to say "no" to the things which are not in alignment with where you want your life to progress towards, frees you up to say "yes" to the better version of yourself and what you really want for your life.

The simple process of being mindful about what you are sowing, while keeping the desired reaping or harvest as your goal sets you up for success. The simple act of considering what we say "yes" and "no" to, are like small incremental steps which compound and align to bring a desired change. Adopting the mindset of celebrating steps along the journey and building rewards into the process helps us stay the course.

It's important to realise the best rewards are usually personal.... you should value and want it more than the thing you would have to be giving up or saying "no" to. Keep your focus on the gain, what you will reap, the goal you desire because, as humans we transition better towards that which excites and inspires us.

Ponder Points:

  • What does sowing and reaping currently look like in the various components of my life? (eg physical, mental, spiritual, relational and financial)
  • What is one thing I can stop doing or start doing today which can help improve my situation?
  • What kinds of action "seeds" do I need to sow (daily/ monthly) to help me consistently move towards my desired goals and what kinds of rewards could I utilise to help me along the journey?


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